Nereid Biomaterials receives second round of funding from NSF


September 21, 2022

In light of Nereid Biomaterial’s progress developing innovative ocean-degradable materials, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded them Phase II funding through the Convergence Accelerator program.

"A convergence approach between academic researchers, industry, government, nonprofits and other communities is vital to developing solutions to address unresolved ocean-wide challenges related to the blue economy,” said Douglas Maughan, head of the NSF Convergence Accelerator program. “The teams selected for Phase 2 are building solutions and strong partnerships to improve human engagement with the ocean and to tackle some of the most pressing ocean-related challenges such as plastic waste and coastal erosion. Within the next two years, we expect the teams to provide high-impact deliverables that will be sustained beyond NSF support.” -NSF press release

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